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China's Academy Awards journey began

A still from Go Away Mr Tumor Photo: CFP
A few weeks ago Arden Key Raiders Jersey , when Wolf Totem, a Chinese film directed by French director Jean Jacque Annaud, was submitted for the Best Foreign Language Film in the 88th Academy Awards it sparked a great furor on the Chinese web. At the center of the heated debate was whether Wolf Totem, a Chinese language film based on Lu Jiamin's semi-autobiographical novel of the same name, was more deserving of the award than Chinese director Jia Zhangke's film Mountains May Depart.

The argument now seems pointless as when the final list of submissions was released neither film made the cut. The two motion pictures lost out to Han Yan's Go Away Mr Tumor.

The news triggered shock waves on Chinese social networks. On one hand it's totally unexpected, even its director Han Yan has reportedly said that he had no idea until he read the news. On the other hand Brandon Parker Raiders Jersey , there are those that doubt whether Go Away Mr Tumor has enough mass appeal outside of China to properly compete for the prestigious award.

"I have no problems with the production team of Mr Tumor, actually we are familiar with each other. This is a good movie, but only in the Chinese market," Chinese director Gao Qunshu posted on his Sina Weibo account. He added that the film's "fatuity and brownnosing" makes it a shame to others in the Chinese movie sector.

"I have no idea why it was submitted for the Academy Awards," he said.

Gao is not the only one surprised by the selection. From movie goers to the media, it seems everyone has a beef with the selection. Some netizens went as far as to suggest that a shady deal is behind it.

'Wolf Totem' replaced

According to the State Administration of Press Connor Cook Jersey , Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT) Wolf Totem was replaced. SAPPRFT said it received a notice from the board of the Academy Awards stating that Wolf Totem's foreign staff outnumbered its Chinese staff and that as such the film does not qualify as a Chinese entry, China Film News reported.

The director is French and of the four screenplay writers two are French, one is British and one is Chinese. Most of the cast was Chinese while post production roles such as soundtrack creation, cinematography Shilique Calhoun Jersey , editing and special effects were largely headed by foreign staff. Ang Lee's film Lust, Caution (2007) found itself in a similar predicament in 2007 and was replaced by another film too.

"I believe that the selection committee completely forgot the importance of actors in a film. It's the same as ignoring the content of the film," said Annaud in an interview with AFP. "I am stupefied…suddenly, the rules changed. It was almost a banana republic-level of arbitrariness."

Why 'Mr Tumor'?

Go Away Mr Tumor is a comedy produced by Wanda Media. It is adapted from a comic book by late Chinese cartoonist Xiong Dun who, having been diagnosed with cancer, used the art form to find humor in her plight.

Released on August 13 Johnny Townsend Jersey , the film received critical acclaim and made 500 million yuan ($78.7 million) at the box office. A number of the reviews said the film depicts a painful disease in an optimistic and self-deprecating way. Others said it showed young people's new attitude towards incurable diseases and challenged negative attitudes.

Despite its being quite different from Chinese movies that have been previously submitted, there are those that feel Mr Tumor's selection has merit.

Five Chinese language films were selected to be screened in China Film Week in September. Organized by SAPPRFT and the Motion Picture Association of America, in Washington DC, the weeklong event showcased Wolf Totem, Go Away Mr Tumor, Monkey King: Hero is Back Nick Nelson Jersey , Monster Hunt and To the Fore all of which won critical acclaim in the domestic market.

A low-budget film, Go Away Mr Tumor received positive review from American audiences.

"A slick, glossy but emotionally compelling and humorous portrait of a woman's losing battle with cancer," a review published in Variety said of the film, adding "This exuberantly styled, fantasy-filled dramedy confirms Han Yan's considerable talent for satisfying local demand for glossy escapism Arden Key Jersey , while still cultivating vivid characters whose preoccupations resonate with mainland urbanites."

China's Academy Awards journey

China's Academy Awards journey began in 1985 with Rensheng (Life) by Wu Tianming and the entries have been coming ever since. From the mainland, films like Red Sorghum (1987), Grief Over the Yellow River(1999), Breaking the Silence (2000), that focuses on Chinese culture and society were selected for submission. Movie makers from Hong Kong and Taiwan are also in stiff competition for the coveted award.With the exception of Ang Lee, none have succeed.

Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger Brandon Parker Jersey , Hidden Dragon was submitted by Taiwan and won the Best Foreign Language Award in 2001. The film is the only Chinese-language movie to ever win the award and remains one of the most recognizable Chinese language movie world-wide.

Since then, many epic period film with strong Chinese characteristics have been selected for Oscars.

Hero by Zhang Yimou, starring Jet Li, Tony Leung and Zhang Ziyi made unto the shortlist at 75th Academy Awards. House of Flying Daggers (2004) was shortlisted for Best Cinematography, Master of the Crimson Armor (2005) shortlisted for Best Costume Design.

Period action film Warriors of Heaven and Earth (2003), Curse of the Golden Flower (2006) Mario Edwards Jr Big Tall Jersey , epic historical film Back to 1942 (2011), The Flower of War (2011), and disaster film Aftershock (2010) were also considered.

Until recently, with films like Caught in the Web (2011)and Nightingale (2014), either epic period films or films with strong Chinese characteristics were chosen by SAPPRFT for submission to the Academy Award board.

And now Go Away Mr Tumor has come on the scene to once again break with the st

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