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I guess it s time to write this. If you are entertaining canada goose mystique parka black small , considering or just wondering about suicide, this is for you. There is nothing real to escape. The only thing that we want to get away from is what s inside our heads. There is nothing inside our heads that is not imaginary. With that in mind there is nothing we need to escape from. I m sure it makes a lot less sense to run from an imaginary world than a real world. The real world is only the solidified imagination. It can be dissolved and reformed by that which caused it in the first place. There no permanent thing anywhere. No permanent society, no permanent people, no permanent earth, ideas, laws, importance, religion or for that matter, even imaginary ideas. With this in place the world changes from life sucks to this little impermanent picture sucks. What most people want to get away from is that societyworld they see through their little brain viewers. We all have these little viewers that we look at seemingly solid things with. If it holds its shape for a minute we can look at it and think of it as solid. The way it works is this, imagination is cause. That solid stuff is effect. So all that serious solid stuff out there that appears so important, important enough to kill our brains over, is nothing more than a temporary solidifying of the imagination. This is how the world around us was made. People know this. Lots of people understand this. The people most responsible for the crappy picture the viewer views know this, maybe better than any of us. It s not what we would call common knowledge because if it were the economic foundation of the world would disappear and those who profit from it would lose control over your life and mind. Or mind and life. You see what you want to put an end to, through this suicide idea, is not even what you really want to put and end to at all. You, or anyone else, by committing suicide won t be ending the you. Put this saying in your little sayings box: don t through the baby out with the bath water. Shut the lid so it doesn t get away. Now canada goose baby snowsuit sale , from this moment on, you ll always remember this little saying. From this you can separate what you want to put an end to and what you don t. What you want to put an end to, what you want to throw out, what needs thrown out, is the bathwater. I am doing this. Lots of people are doing this. More and more every minute of every day, people are doing this. There is a process for doing this. It s fun. It would be easier if we could take our brains out like a vacuum cleaner attachment and just dump all the nonsense in to the trash. Although it s not quite that easy is is much like that. I have a few little games, I suppose you d call them, that I use. When my brain presents one of it s disturbing, saddening, depressing thoughtpictures to me I take the whole picture, crumple it up, rub my hands together turning it into a fine powdery stuff that just blows away into nothingness. Then I look at the brain and ask, anything else? Any other stupid pictures? This is another idea you can use: all that serious, troubling, oh so very important and permanent stuff out there? It s all make believe. It s all silliness. It s of no value. No worth. Not even worth spending a minute or two on, let alone becoming completely immersed in. Most of what people and society spout off about is simple goofiness. Hardly anything you see or hear now days is worth your time, even what it takes to listen. There is little of value coming at us from out there. Also for your little box: we don t live in a sane environment. We live in an environment designed and driven by consumerism. There is nothing mysterious or important taking place. It s all set up so that a few people can take canada goose bomber womens sale , so called, ownership of the planet. These are the same crazy people who killed the Indians, any Indians on any continent. The same people behind the massacre of East Timor. They killed Tesla and Wilhelm Reich and they shoot at UFO s. These people are of no relative importance. They are are not more or less important than you. In fact the word importance is kind of a silly word that people have invented and use to manipulate others. All words were invented. I ll tell you what is most important, more important than the idea of importance...Fun. Enjoying yourself is the only worthwhile endeavor available to any of us. When we truly enjoy ourselves we will want others to enjoy themselves and so on. It s contagious. So you see why it is of supreme value? All you have to do to enjoy yourself is employ the principles of enjoyment. This is how the world works. This is how the you works. This is how everything works. Life functions on principles. Period. There is nothing else. Anything else is confusing. It s non existent. Not there. Not real. Suicide itself is silly. Suicide is a no thought reaction to the nothingness of the state of non enjoyment. The idea of suicide becomes possible because of the ridiculous stuff we are ask to believe. One of those being that society is important. Or religion is important. I heard some one the other day state, out loud, that the bible was written by god. An invention, from mans imagination, has somehow written a book. Whew...Belief in the impossible to prove is driving a lot of people insane. We live in a society where, at least half of the people, are insane. You are completely sane in your desire to escape it. Your means of escape are not sane, but that is to be expected. Look what you have to deal with. The means of escaping an imaginary world are contained in the imagination. That is the tool for changing your life, society and the human species. That is what has shaped the solid world and that is what will shape whatever is to come. Once you, by dealing with this imaginary desire, come out the other side you will have in your possession a great gift. This gift is for you to give to others. It is for you to add to the enjoyment quotient of life. You see we aDi.

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