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• Be wary of late night orders. In services, fraud happen

China's Chief Justice Zhou Qiang vowed Thursday tough measures on cyber crime according to the law Cheap Corey Moore Jersey , amid efforts to cleanse the Internet space.
China's Chief Justice Zhou Qiang vowed Thursday tough measures on cyber crime according to the law, amid efforts to cleanse the Internet space.

"The cyber space must not be allowed to descend into a lawless realm," Zhou said when delivering a report on the work of the Supreme People's Court (SPC) last year.

He said efforts were made to safeguard Internet order and cleanse the cyber space in 2014.

Zhou said the SPC enhanced crackdown on offenders who infringed upon other citizens' privacy using information and Internet technologies, thus protecting personal information security. The chief justice cited the case of two GlaxoSmithKline-linked investigators -- the first of its kind involving foreigners in China -- as an example.

In August last year, Briton Peter Humphrey and his American wife Yu Ying Zeng were sentenced to two and a half years and two years in prison Cheap D.J. Reader Jersey , respectively, for illegally obtaining private information of Chinese citizens.

The couple were hired by GSK China as private investigators in 2013.

According to Zhou, Chinese courts have seen a 58-percent rise in the number of criminal cases last year that involved illegally obtaining citizens' private information.

He did not provide an exact number of such cases, only saying that Chinese courts concluded some 1.02 million first trials in criminal cases last year and convicted 1.18 million people, up 7.2 percent and 2.2 percent Cheap Joel Heath Jersey , respectively.

Meanwhile, the chief justice said efforts have been made to safeguard Internet order and cleanse the cyber space in 2014.

The SPC has made decisive efforts to crack down on Internet rumors, Zhou said, pointing to jail verdicts on two Chinese rumormongers.

Qin Zhihui, known as "Qinhuohuo" in cyber space Cheap Kendall Lamm Jersey , was sentenced by a Beijing court to two years in imprisonment for defamation and another 12 months for affray, for defaming Chinese celebrities and the government.

Prosecutors had said Qin's posts on Sina Weibo, China's Twitter-like service, included one claiming that Beijing had granted 30 million euros in compensation to a foreigner who died in a train crash in east China's Zhejiang Province in 2011.

The rumor was reposted 11,000 times and commented on 3 Cheap Benardrick McKinney Jersey ,300 times, with Qin's fabrication inciting anger over apparent disparities in how foreigners and Chinese people were compensated after the accident.

In another case, Dong Rubin, who uses the online name of "Bianmin," was sentenced to six and a half years in prison in July for illegal business operations and "creating disturbances Cheap Kevin Johnson Jersey ," after he posted fake information and comments that distorted fact concerning a Mekong River attack in October 201 by a Myanmar drug ring in which 13 sailors were murdered.

The widely-circulated contents tarnished the image of the government and seriously disturbed the social order, his verdict read.

Zhou said the SPC has also helped formulate criminal litigation procedures for illegal manufacturing and sale of "fake base stations" and for other cyber crimes.

It will continue to crack down on information- and Internet-related crimes in accordance with the law in the coming year, the chief justice said while spelling out work priorities of the SPC in 2015.

Processing Error Chargebacks:

1. Authorization Issues

Card present transactions ought to be swiped. Period. If the software can’t be swiped, than a full-imprint need to be taken to show the fact that the card was present at this time whilst transaction. Authorization for account not present transactions incorporates utilizing the AVS (or handle verification system) on most transactions. Avoid processing a cards not present transaction lacking any AVS match. Double test non-swiped, or card not present account numbers carefully to make sure that the account number can be correct and valid in advance of processing.

2. Duplicate Billing

Make sure that the transactions are only entered once perfectly into a point of sale incurable. Avoid splitting the costs into two different orders. If an error was initially made Cheap Nick Martin Jersey , void the earliest transaction, and start yet again. If two duplicate fees are unavoidable, such as in two separate sales for a passing fancy date, keep track with both sales records, bills Cheap Will Fuller V Jersey , or order forms. Indicate distinguishing markers which include type of sale and time on sales track record.

3. Bad Swipes

Duplicate billing chargebacks may appear when the card is actually swiped twice. Avoid re-swiping a fabulous declined card. If a card is declined want an alternative form connected with payment.

4. Transaction Batch

Because credit associations penalize financial institutions when they continue to the merchant account of a business with high chargeback incidences, it could cost an individual your merchant account.

Still, even devoid of the risk of losing a merchant account, chargeback can certainly cut into your earnings. Here are ways to minimize credit card processing chargeback fees for online retailers:

• Be wary of late night orders. In services, fraud happens mostly during the night. This means you tend to experience a chargeback for transactions done during sleep time. Have a flexible return policy works so you and the card issuer wouldn’t should want to do refunds.

• Setting a borrowing limit. Identity thieves usually order large amounts of an item on go. Therefore Cheap Julién Davenport Jersey , it will be a great security procedure to set a credit limit on your own store. When the purchaser exceeds it, do a private verification. Call the cardholder to be sure he is indeed helping to make the purchase.

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