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And With The 18Th Pick Of The Draft The Cowboys Nominate

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Great shirt. I bike 6 miles to work morning and evening. Very comfortable and breathable.
   Ricky Mena
I've been using jersey knit sheets for years because they're so soft and comfy. So at first, I was disappointed with these sheets because they were so stiff. But after a few washes they softened up considerably and are actually the most comfortable set of jersey sheets I've ever had. They are deep enough to fit my mattress and foam topper. My only complaint now is that there is a large, eye-sore tag sticking out of one of the outside corners. So I have to make sure that corner is on the bottom side of the bed so it gets covered up by the comforter. And they are more pastel green than sage.
   Zainab Abdelmaged

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