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The Comic Fair is also a big opportunity

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BARCELONA, May 15 (Xinhua) -- The four-day International Comic Fair, which will feature a large number of activities related to comics, was inaugurated on Thursday in the Mediterranean city of Barcelona.

Important political figures and elites from the comic sector attended the inauguration, such as President of the regional government of Catalonia, Artur Mas, Barcelona's Mayor Xavier Trias, President of Editors Daniel Fernandez and Director of the Comic Fair, Carles Santamaria, among others.

Trias stressed the importance of the Comic Fair for the city as "it strengthens the role of Barcelona as the capital of books and culture."

The Fair highlights important exhibitions, which along with numerous activities occupy a total of 32,000 square meters, 70 percent more than last year.

"It is fine they have expanded the area, because on Saturday and Sunday we will be much grateful as other years there were too many people", visitor Fernando Verniere told Xinhua.

Verniere visited the Comic Fair not only because he loves comics but also because of professional reasons, like Rocio Parra.

"I am a cartoonist and I'm also taking references and then work at home," Parra told Xinhua.

"We have a webpage, webcomics, we will also present a project, called twistcomics, which offers weekly comics in several languages, namely Spanish, French, English and Chinese," Verniere said.

The Comic Fair is also a big opportunity for new projects and new talents. International publishers, such representatives from Marvel Comics among others, will be at the Fair to meet with different authors.

The event runs from May 15 to 18 and expects a large number of visitors, especially during the weekend.

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