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Since the development of Costa del Sol in the fifties as a tourist resort on the southern coastline of Spain bordering the Mediterranean Sea there has been no turning back. Today it is one the greatest holiday resorts in Europe. Every summer sees hordes of holiday makers flocking to this area of Spain. Even world famous celebrities have come here for a vacation and to unwind. The lovely beaches and sunshine makes for an ideal vacation spot Markus Wheaton Jersey , plus the fact that it can be reached easily be road, train and air from all over Europe. The Andalucian people who are the locals of Costa del Sol are friendly and the area is nearly crime free.

People have now given up the idea of taking package holidays or are moving away from it and prefer renting a place to stay and like to swim when they want, have a picnic or take a drive to admire the countryside at their own free will. It is for these reasons that properties in Costa del Sol are so attractive. Many people have made this place a second home and have bought a villa or an apartment over here. Another great attraction is that during the summer season most of the places that are placed up for rent are taken. So even as an investment Costa del Sol properties are attractive as till the foreseeable future people are going to keep taking holidays and will keep coming to Costa del Sol so places are going to be rented. Those who have bought them as a second home or their home away from home will keep returning here.

The life in Costa del Sol is easy going with most restaurants and bars remaining open till the wee hours of the morning and then there are the festivals with all the festivities of a typical Spanish festival. People can relax and enjoy over here. Also there are a number of attractions for the entire family like theme parks, marinas Richard Rodgers Jersey , ancient monuments and museums. Also other then the sandy beaches and swimming the mountains also offer some wonderful walking trails and now one can also visit Gibraltar.

With all these great things to do when on vacation is what makes Costa del Sol so attractive and that is why the properties of this place are a big attraction for people who see the financial potential of investing in property over here. Compared to other places in Europe and in Spain the properties of this area have shown a continuous climb in their values. In spite of the financial crunch being faced the world over and a prime properties taking a beating the property values of Costa del Sol have not been affected. That is what makes them a safe investment.

Finding properties for sale or rent in Costa del Sol is not difficult as there are many of these that can now be easily located on the internet and agents for them can be found in all the major cities.

People will always want to take a break and go on a vacation and in Europe Costa del Sol will remain a favourite with people who love to laze during the day and party at night.
France is perhaps not renowned for its lakes in the same way as Italy or Canada, but it is home to some magnificent stretches of water. What could be better when camping in France than emerging from your tent to the reflection of the hills in the water, and the prospect of a day of fun by the lakeside?

Lac du Bourget

Covering over 4,000 hectares Haloti Ngata Jersey , Lake Bourget is both the largest and the deepest natural lake in France There is plenty for campers to do both on and around the lake, the favourite activities often being cycling and hiking. There are at least a dozen trails starting out from the lake, which you can take on foot or by cycle. Some of these trails pass through alpine forests and olive groves, whilst others climb headlands and plateaux Paul Worrilow Jersey , offering sensational views of the Alps.

Located around ten kilometres North of Chambery, the most notable town on the shores of Lake Bourget is Aix les bains. The town was named during the time of the Roman Empire, when it was famous for its baths. Centuries later, people still head to Aix les bains to enjoy the hot springs. Thermal baths are certainly a great way for weary travellers to relax while camping in France.

Aix les bains is also famous for its Saturday morning food market Michael Bennett Jersey , where you can wander through the stalls, indulging in some of the local saucisson and cheeses.

Lac D?Annecy

The second largest lake in France, Lake Annecy is also known as Europe?s cleanest lake. The lake is sourced by mountain streams, and a spring that provides up to 30 per cent of its clear waters. Activities on the lake include boat tours Mike Wallace Jersey , sailing, windsurfing and even diving. But if you don?t fancy getting your feet wet, you can happily while away the day on one of the beaches lining the lake. Those who prefer land based activities might even want to hire a bike and have a go at the cycle track that goes right the way around the lake.

The closest town to the lake is Annecy itself, but there are other smaller towns dotted around; Talloirs Brian Dawkins Jersey , Veyrier and Menthon St Bernard are particularly quaint villages that are always popular with those camping in France. Water taxis run between these towns during the summer months.

Lac de Chalain

Lac de Chalain was formed by the shifting of glaciers over many years, and has been classified as a protected zone. Restrictions are now in place prohibiting the use of motor boats, jet skis and other motorized vessels, ensuring that Lac de Chalain is a haven of peace and tranquillity for people camping in France. Take a gentle swim in the clear glacial waters Dallas Goedert Jersey , go for a gentle sail in a dinghy, or try your hand at fishing for a day. With an abundance of species such as perch and pike in the lake, you are likely to have a good catch. If fishing by the lake is a little placid for your tastes, indulge in some fly fishing ? the fast moving Ain River Jay Ajayi Jersey , 2 kilometres away from Lac de Chalain is burs.

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